Product Code :- NNN/2020/126

 Full Sleeves. Mode of Non-Woven Fabric (Spun Bonded Poly Propylene Material Not Less Than 62 GSM). Elasticated Cuff and 1 NO. Toes. Heod 6 Side Of Face Covered. Zipper in Front 

SURGICAL FACE MASK: Disposable 3-Ply Face Mask with 1 NO Adjustable Nose Pin Mode on Fully Automatic Machinery 

SHOE COVERS.. Disposable. Mode of Non-Woven/Poly Propylene 1 PAIR Fabric, Elasticated From Top 

PROTECTIVE GLASSES/GOGGLES Disposable with Clear Glosses. 1 NO. Zero Power, Eye Fitting, Sides Covered GLOVES: Disposable. Latex Examination Gloves. Powdered 1 PAIR 

SURGICAL BOUFFANT CAP: Disposable.. inches. Made of Non Woven Fobnc, Fully Elasticated 1 NO. 

All the above contents are pocked in on ETO/Sterile Pouch Packaging.